5 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance in a Work From Home Setup


Illustration by: Glory Vher Abad

Do you keep on checking your emails before going to bed? Are you skipping meals or do you tend to forget to eat while working? Are you worried too much that you’re drowning in a heavy workload? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be losing work-life balance in your work from home situation.

Most companies today have a work from home setup due to the present global pandemic. A lot of people find it challenging to be focused at working, while some feel that it is too stressful. They seem to work non-stop from dawn to dusk. Some employees who have kids are also juggling between parenting and working. Regardless of your current setup, there are still ways to maintain the balance in your work from home arrangement. Here are a 5 tips to help:

  1. Make a schedule of your daily tasks and activities.

    Using a pen and notebook, list down your planned tasks for the week. If you’re not into classic handwriting, you may also use your laptop and a memo app to make a to-do list. While you probably have predetermined tasks assigned to you by the company, it is better to set things yourself so that you are aware of your deadlines. Make sure to stick to your schedule and tick the checkbox for every task you’ve completed. Aside from accomplishing required tasks before or on the set deadline, this helps you work more efficiently.

  1. Set up an organized workspace.

    Organizing a neat and tidy workspace will help you function more effectively. Let this area be the defined space for your desk and laptop or desktop. Avoid getting your laptop straight out of the bag and opening it while you’re still in bed, as this promotes laziness. You may find it hard to be focused.

    When things visible to you are arranged in an orderly manner, you will be more productive without even noticing it. If your workspace is cluttered, your ideas may be subconsciously messed up too. On the other hand, focusing and being in your “zone” wouldn’t be challenging if your work area inspires you to be calm and collected.

  1. Move around when taking short breaks in between. 

    Instead of sitting for 8 hours straight the entire day, move your body at least every hour. You don’t really have to be working out, but it is important to stand up every once in a while. We tend to forget that when we are in the comfort of our homes. Try doing a few stretches for at least 5 minutes every hour. Constantly check your posture while sitting. Align your desk and elevate it to the proper position for your arms and eyes. These will all prevent your back and shoulders from aching. Doing this will also keep you more healthy rather than just being glued to one place all day.
  1. Work with a variety of surroundings.

    Working in the same area of your house might eventually lead to burnout. Varying your surroundings might help, like working in the outside area of your home. If you have a balcony or a garden area, it would be refreshing to work there every once in a while. It may also help your creative juices flowing so that your mind is inspired with new ideas.
  1. Reward yourself with recreation afterwards.

    After a long day of working, it is important to allow yourself to have fun. If you have hobbies such as playing video games, creating artworks, or making music, you may do them after working hours. It can also serve as your motivation. You may find yourself looking forward to doing these hobbies. Your choice of recreation may also be just relaxing, watching your favorite Netflix series, or browsing through social media while munching on comfort food. Whatever your idea of relaxation is, bask in it after shutting down. Don’t check your email after working hours, have a good night’s sleep and you’re all set for the next business day.

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