An epitome of the new normal: Queueing Management System


2020 has become the most difficult time for the whole world. With all the fear of the COVID 19 pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) continuously advises each individual to stay home, maintain a safe distance, wash hands, cover mouths when coughing & sneezing and if fallen ill, be sure call ahead.

We just cannot be the same ever again. Everyone these days thrive to be able to sustain daily needs while keeping themselves safe and COVID-19 free. Thus, all establishments need also to adapt to new norms seeking the safety of their clients or customers, moreover the safety of their workforce.

Queueing all over. As we see it today, most establishments limit the allowed number of customers entering certain premises. We see people lining up or sitting around waiting for their turn to purchase their needs or get services. While queueing has been a part of our daily routine, it has just become more troublesome. Yet these inconveniences are apart of our new normal.

How queueing systems help in this time of pandemic?  

1. Keeps the safety of customers Maintaining a distance from anyone today is one of the ways we avoid contracting COVID-19. Queueing Management Systems help customers to no longer queue outside a store or a shop. Customers may wait in the comfort of their car or any other uncrowded areas. There are systems that manage customers via advance booking as well, and customers just need to arrive in their scheduled time. Moreover, it keeps the safety of customers as these systems accommodate mobile queues or QR scanning, resulting in contactless transactions.

2. Boosts Employee Performance Employees are in forefront engaging and risking their lives with the unseen virus. Queueing Management Systems manage the customer flow and limit physical contact, keeping both customers and employees safe. The lesser the customer engagement the more specific they could be with their purchases or concerns. Resulting in an increase in productivity among employees. The entire team can also see the overview of the customers’ activities which help them in managing their workflow.

3. Safeguards all business types May it be from the retail, food and beverage, academe, banking and finance, it is now a chance for these industries to upgrade to a queueing management system. This enables them to protect their businesses, from complying to the social distancing measures of the government to seeing dashboards of customer flow. With a good and systematic queueing managing solution, customers will definitely keep on coming back. When all this pandemic situation has passed, it is trust and loyalty of the customers that these industries would win.

Therefore, Kyoo safely!

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