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FaceSec Is Changing The World For The Better

Technology has changed the world, from how we communicate to how we work. Face Security is changing the world, using facial recognition technology. Numerous countries worldwide and companies are working toward improving security. Facial recognition technology helps companies capture and store information on people using photography and video technologies. FaceSec is a company that has […]

Facial Recognition Software: The Future of Business Security

Facial recognition software is rapidly advancing, and its opportunities in diverse fields. It has forced those in charge of business security to consider using it as a primary means to supplement their security protocols. Businesses haven’t fully adapted facial recognition software to their needs. However, as technology advances and our lives become more digitally connected, […]

4 Applications of A.I. Technology for Next-Level Patient Care

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows more widespread in corporate enterprise and everyday life, it is increasingly being applied in healthcare. AI has the ability to assist healthcare providers in a variety of ways, including patient treatment, administrative work and even influences patient outcomes in healthcare. Medical AI companies develop systems that help patients at every […]

Toyota Pasig adapts Kyoo – #HomeSoon

Toyota adapts to Kyoo – Queueing Management System to manage their service operations and provide customer intimacy to their clients. Toyota is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and it has been the biggest and the best in the business. The team from Kyoo identified that the customer waiting time is a major problem of Toyota […]