Leisue: The Powerhouse of Latest Innovations


As one of the trusted providers of digital products and smart solutions in the country, Leisue capitalizes on understanding the pain points of its clients and customers and providing the best solution and strategy for the businesses to address the said challenges.

Moreover, Leisue finds joy in gaining traction to minimize inefficient workflows, outdated systems and resources, and massive customer complaints. The company is committed to being the powerhouse of latest news and strategies of providing what’s the best for the business and its clients – through its flagship products, Kyoo and FaceSec. Together with its digital professionals and strategic technopreneurs, the company is continuously developing these products to further provide convenience and accessibility to the Filipino people.

Kyoo has been the flagship product of Leisue ever since. It offers a queueing management solution that provides accurate recommendations to businesses on how they are going to improve its customer journey, lessen their waiting time, and manage branch’s accomplishment and productivity rating. It has multiple software features and hardware systems which the company can choose from for their queueing programs. Some of these include business application, business dashboard, TV display, queueing kiosk, SMS notification, and other virtual queueing platforms.

On the other hand, FaceSec is one of the newest offerings of Leisue. It offers facial recognition products to enterprises to help in its safety, security, and asset protection. It has been widely used by Southeast Asian countries and has served multiple SMEs and enterprises already. It has also been in close partnership with different system integrators and distributors in this country which makes it more credible and adaptable to different systems.

This 2022, Leisue aims to be the powerhouse of technology innovations and advancements in the country. It aims to be one of the major players in providing the best system solutions from small, medium enterprises to big corporations and organizations. By providing the best quality systems and package it with good and reasonable pricing – the Filipino business community can definitely feel the ultimate change and improvement with its day-to-day experience with different businesses and companies.

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